The Art and Science of Aromatherapy

An Aromatherapy Line Backed By

Deborah Wolochwianski MA

Deborah is a certified medicinal aromatherapist
and holds a master’s degree in health
psychology from Saybrook Graduate School
and Research Center. Deborah received her
training in Aromatherapy at the Pacific Institute
of Aromatherapy in San Francisco. Her
educational focus was in plant chemistry,
formulations and the connection between
scent and psyche. She was also trained in
parapsychological research at the Rhine
Institute at Duke University and holds a
bachelor’s degree in psychology and
philosophy from the University of California at
Davis. Until the launch of AROMATICS Rx
Aromatherapy Deborah maintained a private
practice as a psychotherapist and medicinal
aromatherapist. Deborah has been working
with plant oils for over fifteen years and is the
chief aromatherapist and president at

Wilhelm Heppe NMD, DOM

Dr. Heppe attended Medical School at the
University of Cologne and received the Doctor
of Medicine degree in 1990 from Medicina
Alternativa (Sri Lanka/ World Health
Organization). He graduated from the
Southwest College of naturopathic medicine in
Tempe AZ as a Doctor of naturopathic medicine
in 2001. Dr. Heppe recently completed a
Masters degree in Oriental Medicine at the
International Institute of Chinese Medicine in
Santa Fe NM. In addition to years of experience
in health care he is nationally recognized as an
expert Rolf practitioner. Dr. Heppe is resident
medical spa consultant and head of research
and development for AROMATICS Rx.